Tierney Conner Architecture


Who We Are

Within minutes of their first meeting, Anne, Erin, and J. realized that their lives had nearly crossed paths many times. An inevitable friendship evolved over their love of plants, modern architecture, and California living. In 2004, Anne and Erin founded Tierney Conner with a vision to design integrated indoor and outdoor spaces.  A decade later, Jarrell (J) formally joined the team, bringing Tierney Conner's bespoke service to multi-family residential and commercial projects.

What We Do

Tierney Conner is a full-service firm integrating the fields of architecture, landscape and interiors. With decades of professional experience, partners Anne Tierney, Erin Conner and J. Conner create spaces to live, work and play in! Our staff provides comprehensive services, leading clients through the design, permit and construction processes.